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Environmental Statistics

The environmental statistics section celebrates applications of statistics in the environmental sciences, including ecology, climate sciences, the earth sciences and what not.  There has been a long tradition in Australian statistics of making methodological contributions motivated by problems in the environmental sciences, and we are keen to continue this tradition, as well as hearing about funky applications.

This section is a focal point for Australian statisticians with interests in environmental statistics, and we keep section members informed of upcoming events, as well as organising a few of our own, especially around the national conference.

Tjanpi award for Best Student Paper in Environmental Statistics

Seminar series

We organise a seminar series in environmental statistics, roughly four per year, where we invite an international speaker to a virtual SSA visit where they present to us on their recent research and take some time to meet interested parties virtually.  The seminars are typically scheduled on a Friday between 10am and 4pm Sydney/Melbourne/Hobart time, the precise time depending on the speaker’s availability.  Speakers are available before and after their talk for an hour or so to meet SSA researchers, a sign-up sheet will be distributed in the leadup to each talk.

Do you have any suggestions for international speakers you would really like to hear from?  Let us know by emailing David Warton



James Thorson (NOAA Seattle) - Forecasting nonlocal climate impacts for mobile marine species using extensions to empirical orthogonal function analysis.

Matthew Schofield (University of Otago) - Inferring genetic linkage maps from high-throughput sequencing data.

Erin Schliep (U Missouri) – Bayesian hierarchical modeling and data fusion for multivariate speciated nitrogen in lakes.

Jun Zhu (University of Wisconsin-Madison) – Change-set analysis for spatial clustering in environmental health.

Subhash Lele (University of Alabama) – TBA

David Wilkinson (University of Melbourne) - The statistical quandaries of an ecologist: Applied and theoretical statistics for conservation

Jacinta Holloway-Brown (University of Adelaide) - Stochastic spatial random forest for detecting remotely sensed forest cover change despite missing data


  • David Warton (Chair, UNSW)
  • Joanne Potts (The Analytical Edge)
  • Andrew Zammit-Mangion (Wollongong)
  • Dan Mackinlay (Data61)

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Conferences / Meetings

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