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    • 13 Sep 2021
    • (AEST)
    • 22 Sep 2021
    • (AEST)
    • Online

    The Statistical Consulting Centre at the University of Melbourne is presenting this course, which covers the principles and practice of designing experiments or trials, and the analysis of data from them.

    The course covers the following topics:

    • choice of experimental units;
    • importance of randomisation, and the practicalities;
    • replication and sample size;
    • blocking and matching;
    • commonly used designs, including completely randomised designs, randomised block and matched pair designs, Latin square designs;
    • treatments, including factorial structures;
    • analysis of data from designed experiments;
    • analysis of variance and covariance;
    • special designs, including incomplete block designs, split-plot designs, and fractional factorial designs;
    • transformations of data;
    • practical and ethical issues arising in the conduct of experiments.

    Course presenter:

    The presenter is Associate Professor Graham Hepworth, Consultant for the Statistical Consulting Centre in the School of Mathematics & Statistics. Graham has had extensive experience over three decades in design and analysis of experiments, in fields such as forestry, horticultural science, animal studies, medicine (randomised controlled trials), industry and the social sciences.

    Course structure:

    This online course runs over five mornings on alternate days. Each day will commence at 9:00 a.m. and finish at 12.30 p.m. The sessions will mix lecture presentations with practical exercises.   The statistical package Minitab will be used in the course. However, the course will not be package-centred, and no prior experience with Minitab is necessary.

    Who should take this course?

    The course is suitable for anyone involved in the design and analysis of research experiments. Applications include randomised trials in medicine or the social sciences, designed experiments in the biological sciences, studies of processes in engineering, as well as many possibilities in other disciplines.


    Participants should have some understanding of statistics at an introductory level. For example, it would help to know something about hypothesis tests and confidence intervals, and, preferably, analysis of variance. The course "Statistics for Research Workers" conducted by the Statistical Consulting Centre would be ideal preparation.

    Cost and enrollment details:

    Cost $880 (incl. $80 GST).

    The University of Melbourne graduate researcher student $660.

    The fee includes a comprehensive set of notes.

    A certificate on completion can be provided on request.

    To register click here.


    • 21 Sep 2021
    • 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (AEST)
    • Online

    For this event, we have the pleasure of hosting a handful of inspiring early career speakers and mid-career speakers, working in industry, who will speak on their experiences. The speakers have been invited to share what they’ve learned, what they’ve achieved, what they’ve enjoyed and what surprised them, as well as, perhaps, what they don’t like, what they haven’t learned, and so on. We also have a number of senior industry speakers who have been invited to provide their sage advice, their insights and general guidance to those interested in developing a fruitful career in industry.

    Each speaker will give a 10 minute talk, followed by a panel discussion of about 30 minutes. There we will do some socialising, as well as have an opportunity for audience members to freely approach each other and the speakers.

    Anna Quaglieri 


    Bioinformatics Data Scientist at Mass Dynamics

    Anna has an academic background in Statistics, completed between the universities of Bologna, Glasgow and Melbourne. Once in Melbourne, she joined the WEHI where she did her Masters research in Population Genetics, and PhD in Cancer Genomics. She then worked for 1.5 years as a Data Scientist for the AI consulting company Eliiza. Two months ago she joined the Melbourne based startup Mass Dynamics where she is working as a Bioinformatics Data Scientist. At Mass Dynamics Anna develops workflows for the analysis of mass spectrometry data, with the aim of helping more life scientists transform proteomics data to knowledge.

    Kohleth Chia  

    Data Scientist Lead at Bunnings

    Kohleth is a Data Scientist Lead at Bunnings. He is also an Accredited Statistician (AStat). His decade of experience in statistics / data sciences span across government, research institution, and industry.

    Stephen Bush  

    Principal Optimisation Analyst at SEEK

    Steve is a Principal Optimisation Analyst at SEEK, where he leads the Experimentation team. He has a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Technology Sydney. His specialisation is the efficient design of experiments and is interested in the use of experimentation at scale to enable data driven decision making and providing advice on evaluation, measurement and statistical methods.

    Denzel Florez

    Profile photo of Denzel Florez

    Senior Analyst (Model Risk Management) at Macquarie Group

    Denzel is a model risk analyst at Macquarie Group, performing model validation to ensure financial models comply with regulatory requirements. This involves reviewing statistical models and assessing whether model assumptions are suitable for their purpose. Denzel graduated in 2018 with Honours in Statistics from the University of Sydney.

    Belinda Maher

    Profile photo of Belinda Maher

    Senior Public Transport Planner

    Belinda Maher started her journey in transport data a decade ago at KiwiRail, where she worked on a $2 billion NZD upgrade of Auckland's suburban train network. After returning home to Melbourne, she took up a role at Public Transport Victoria in Operational Performance Analysis.

    She now works in Network Planning at the Department of Transport (DoT) where she is involved in data-driven planning and data visualisation (including mapping).

    At DoT, Belinda has worked on projects including analysing observed tram speeds across the network for on-road priority planning, and also on collating and mapping data about current and future train stations for strategic planning.

    In 2021 Belinda guest lectured at Monash University in the subject Wild Caught Data, and she has previously presented to Melbourne (and Auckland) R-Ladies and the Melbourne Users of R Network.

    Steph Stammel

    Principal Econometrician 

    Steph provides strategy and advice to data science teams looking to leverage their current skills and take their companies to their next level in analytics. She is a Ph.D. data scientist with nearly 12 years' experience in the field. She is also an expert modeller and test designer, extensive fieldwork in randomised controlled designs, a strong research background.

    Current fun projects include the application of weak AI-type agents and algorithms to classical forecasting models at scale, designing and delivering tools for smoothing the transition for new R users and setting up the new R-Ladies Remote chapter.

    • 23 Sep 2021
    • (AEST)
    • 24 Sep 2021
    • (AEST)
    • Online

    ACSPRI is offering a two day workshop.

    Studies have shown that readers will only spend 3 to 8 seconds looking at each plot in a report before deciding whether to invest more time examining that plot or to move on to the next part of the report.


    This master-class has two objectives – to teach the design principles required to make plots that really have an impact on the reader, and to teach the practical skills required to create these plots within the R software package.


    Consider the two plots below. In which plot can you easily see the pattern the author wants to convey within the plot, and what you should do as a result of the plot?”





    This course will be run over 2 days in three sessions per day:

    • 9.00am - 10.30am - Session 1
    • 11.30am - 1.00pm - Session 2
    • 2.00 - 4.00pm - Session 3: exercises and consultation

    Exercises will be provided and there will be opportunities for consultation with Mark in the afternoon sessions.


    Dr Mark Griffin is the Director of ResearchStats, which is a Division of Insight Research Services Associated ( ResearchStats provides training and consulting in statistics for academic audiences. Mark is also an Industry Fellow with the School of Business, University of Queensland, and has established and written training materials for several of their courses in Business Analytics. Mark serves on the Executive Committee for the Statistical Society of Australia, and is Founding Chair of their Section for Business Analytics. Mark is also the Founding Chair of the Business Analytics Special Interest Group within the International Institute of Business Analysis. To date he has presented over 100 two-day and 30 five-day workshops in statistics around Australia.

    Recommended Background: 

    Some basic familiarity with the R software package is expected prior to the workshop. The participant does not need to have any previous experience using R for data preparation or data visualisation. No knowledge of statistics is required.

    Recommended Texts: 

    If students would like a head start in using R for data visualisation they may choose to look at:

    For more information please click here. To Register click here.



    • 24 Sep 2021
    • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (AEST)
    • Online

    NIASRA and the SSA Environmental Statistics section present the following seminar: Towards higher-dimensional spatial and spatio-temporal extremes- with Dr Jenny Wadsworth (Lancaster University)

    Unfortunately this event had to be cancelled.

    • 27 Sep 2021
    • 28 Sep 2021
    • Strasbourg, France

    Mathematics without Borders

    The Centennial of the International Mathematical Union         

    celebrates the centennial of this historic event.  Up-to-date information regarding the conference can be found here

    • 28 Sep 2021
    • 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
    • Zoom

    Please join us online for the September Queensland Branch Meeting! There will be a branch meeting at 16:30 followed by a seminar-discussion at 17:00.

    When: 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM (AEST)

    Tuesday 28th September 2021

    Location: Online - Zoom

    Statisticians and the reproducibility crisis

    Abstract: Statisticians play a key role in almost all scientific research, and so are also key to tackling the reproducibility crisis which is undermining the value of much scientific research. Our role may be particularly important given that many problems with irreproducible papers are due to problems in the study design, statistical analysis and interpretation of results. We must promote more efficient, replicable and credible science, starting today, by being the role-model statisticians that we need for tomorrow.

    Our four speakers will give their perspective on statistics and the reproducibility crisis, and also give their opinions on how statisticians can help improve the quality of research. We hope to have at least 20 minutes for discussion after the speakers' presentations, so please come along and share your thoughts on this hugely important topic.


    Dr Sabine Hoffmann is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Medical Information Processing, Biometry, and Epidemiology, Ludwig-Maximillans-University of Munich. Sabine’s research projects investigates the effects of fishing for significance on statistical inference, and methods that allow handling of results variability when applying alternative analytical strategies. Sabine conveys these ideas in her consulting activities in order to raise awareness on how common research practices can have devastating effects on the replicability of research findings.

    Dr John Maindonald is a retired visiting research Fellow at the Centre for Mathematics and Its Applications, Australian National University (ANU). John has 50 years of experience collaborating and consulting with organisations and scientists across a wide range of application areas. Some of his research interests include statistical computation, statistical perspectives on data mining, use of R for practical data analysis, research planning and population genetics.

    Dr Teresa (Terry) Neeman is a biostatistician with the Biological Data Science Institute, ANU College of Science. She has more than two decades of experience as a biostatistician working with biologists, biomedical researchers and clinicians in both industry and academia. Terry enjoys the statistical challenges associated with all aspects of experimental work; from experimental design to data exploration and statistical modelling. Over the last several years, she has worked more closely with bioinformaticians, and has developed a strong interest in tools for visualisation and inference of highly complex data.

    Prof Adrian Barnett is the Program Lead – Statistics in Health Services at the Australian Centre for Health Services Innovations, QUT. He has spent more than 21 years working as a statistician, specialising in biostatistics, health services research and the research funding. He is particularly passionate about the application of statistics to health and the use of data analysis to develop cost-effective interventions within the health sector.

    Moderator: A/Prof. Dimitrios Vagenas

    • 28 Sep 2021
    • 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM (AEST)
    • Virtual via Microsoft Teams

    SSA Canberra invites you to its September branch meeting, which will be joint with Canberra Data Scientists

    Times (+/- some standard errors):  

    5:30pm – 6:30pm AEST (please note the earlier starting time at request of the speaker): Presentation on MS Teams

    RSVPNo RSVP will be required for this meeting, and please see below for the link. If you are worried MS Teams will encounter teething problems on your machine, please try out the meeting link at the bottom of this email, and if you have any questions that the internet cannot resolve (please also see this help page), please email Francis Hui at

    SpeakerMs. Xiaoyan LuActing Executive Director, Australian National Audit Office (ANAO)

    Title:  Using Data Analytics for Audits

    AbstractIn this talk, Ms. Lu will share 

    • how data analytics is applied in the audit context;
    • her experience and lessons learned of establishing data analytics teams and delivering data analytics strategy in government agencies; and
    • what capabilities that employers are after when recruiting data scientists and analysts.  


    BiographyMs. Xiaoyan Lu has over 20 years’ experience in research and analytic industry and is an Acting Executive Director of the System Assurance and Data Analytics (SADA) Group at the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO). SADA provides IT audit and data analytics support and advice to all audit service groups within the ANAO. She joined the ANAO in April 2018 to build the Data Analytics team and deliver the Data Analytics Strategy 2018-20. She was awarded the Australia Day Achievement Medallion in 2020 in recognition of her leadership in transforming the delivery of audit outcomes through data analytics, commitment to development and mentoring of staff and her dedication and commitment to innovation and excellence. Prior to that, she was a Director at the Australian Sports Commission leading initiatives on data driven decision making in the sport sector, and worked there for 11 years. Before joining the public sector, she had worked in the academic, NGO and private sectors for providing research consultancy for eight years. Xiaoyan received a Bachelor degree in Science from Beijing Normal University, a Master degree in Environmental Science from Peking University, and a Master degree in Applied Statistics from Australian National University.

    **Microsoft Teams meeting link**

    Join on your computer or mobile app

    Click here to join the meeting

    This will bring up Teams in your default browser, even if you do not have the Microsoft Teams software installed.

    Note that, unlike Zoom, everyone by default sits in a waiting room and only comes in when the organiser comes in. 

    If you encounter any issues with MS teams and cannot find a solution online (please also see this help page), you can email Francis at or Yanchang Zhao at


    Or call in (audio only)

    +61 2 9053 9802,,96171836#   Australia, Sydney

    Phone Conference ID: 961 718 36#


    For more information on joining Microsoft Teams meetings

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    • 29 Sep 2021
    • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (AEST)
    This month we are very pleased to have Prof. Hanlin Shang from Macquarie University to present his recent work about sieve bootstrap and functional time series.

    Please note for security reasons, you will need to register in advance for this meeting:

    After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

    Any questions, please feel free to contact:

    Date: Wednesday, 29th September 2021

    Time: 6:00pm - 7:00pm (AEST)

    Prof. Hanlin Shang
    Macquarie University, Sydney

    Sieve bootstrap memory parameter in long-range dependent stationary functional time series

    We apply a sieve bootstrap procedure to quantify estimation uncertainty of long-memory parameter in stationary functional time series. To estimate the long-memory parameter, we use a semiparametric local Whittle estimator, where discrete Fourier transform and periodogram are constructed from the first set of principal component scores, via a functional principal component analysis. The sieve bootstrap procedure uses a general vector autoregressive representation of the estimated principal component scores. It generates bootstrap replicates that adequately mimic the dependence structure of the underlying stationary process. For each bootstrap replicate, we first compute the estimated first set of principal component scores and then apply the semiparametric local Whittle estimator to estimate the memory parameter. By taking quantiles of the estimated memory parameters from these bootstrap replicates, we can construct confidence intervals of the long-memory parameter. As measured by coverage probability differences between the empirical and nominal coverage probabilities at three levels of significance, we demonstrate the advantage of using the sieve bootstrap in comparison to the asymptotic confidence intervals based on normality.

    Hanlin is a Professor of Business Analytics at the Department of Actuarial Studies and Business Analytics, Macquarie University. Hanlin’s research interests include inference, modelling and forecasting functional time series.
    • 16 Nov 2021
    • 1:00 PM (AEDT)
    • 17 Nov 2021
    • 5:00 PM (AEDT)
    • Online
    • 2

    The NSW Branch of the SSA is offering this two day workshop.

    Often, statistical analyses require custom models that cannot be fitted using off-the shelf statistical software, but can be estimated by MCMC by specifying the model in specialised software, the most popular of which are BUGS, JAGS and Stan.  Greta is a package for statistical modelling in R that has three core differences to these available alternatives:

     1. simple: greta models are written right in R, so there's no need to learn another language like BUGS or Stan

    2. scalable: greta uses Google TensorFlow so it's fast even on massive datasets, and runs on CPU clusters and GPUs

    3. extensible: it's easy to write your own R functions and packages using greta

    We will start with simple linear models on real ecological data, and gradually expand the models to be more complex and better represent the data. We will also have time at the end of the course to discuss fitting models specific to your own work - so feel free to bring along a problem you’d like to discuss!


    Professor Nick Golding is an infectious disease modeller with a focus on globally-important pathogens. His work combines mathematical and statistical modelling, ecology, public health, and research software engineering. Since completing a PhD on mosquito ecology, he has developed models and maps of the risk posed by some of the world’s most important and neglected diseases – including malaria, Dengue fever, Chikungunya, Ebola, and COVID-19. He has a preference for semi-mechanistic Bayesian models applied to large, noisy datasets and developed the greta R package to handle both the scale and uniqueness of these types of models.

    Dr. Nick Tierney completed his undergrad and honours in Psychological Science, then took an unconventional turn into a PhD in Statistics. He now works as a research software engineer with Dr. Nick Golding at the Telethon Kids Institute. He is currently working on improving and maintaining the greta ( R package for statistical modelling. He is also interested in implementing workflows to automate data analysis.  Dr. Tierney’s research interests are broad, but centred around improving data analysis. This includes exploratory data analysis, statistical modelling, diagnostics, and understanding how colour choice can impact decision making. Dr. Tierney is a strong believer in free and open source software, and has written several popular R packages to improve data analysis, which can be seen on his software page:


    This course is designed for those who want to learn how to do Bayesian modelling using the greta software. We assume users have the following background/experience:

    • Familiarity with R
    • Experience using linear models

    A rudimentary understanding of Bayesian inference

    We recommend trying to install the software from github on your laptop/machine ahead of time with remotes::install.github("greta-dev/greta") but we will also provide virtual environments to use in the course. Course materials will be made available online.

     After this course you will be able to:

    • Fit and predict from Bayesian generalised linear models in greta
    • Check model convergence and fit (including prior and posterior predictive checks)
    • Summarise MCMC outputs
    • Be able to fit more advanced models including mixture and hierarchical models
    • Create visualisations and tables of the model outputs for use in understanding model fit and for publication.

    Cancellation Policy:

    Cancellations received prior to Thursday, November 11, will be refunded, minus a $20 administration fee. From then onward no part of the registration fee will be refunded. However, registrations are transferable within the same organisation. Please advise any changes to

    • 6 Dec 2021
    • (AEDT)
    • 7 Dec 2021
    • (AEDT)
    • Online

    This event is being convened by the Australian Trials Methodology (AusTriM)

    The organising committee warmly invite you to join us at our first Australian Trials Methodology Conference, which will take place fully online over the 6th and 7th of December 2021.

    The meeting program will showcase cutting-edge trial design and analysis approaches in a way that is thought-provoking yet still accessible to bio-statisticians, methodologists and trialists (across any clinical discipline) alike.

    Invited Sessions

    Opening Plenary
    Stephen Senn (UK/CH)
    Marcel Wolbers (CH)


    Novel Trial Design
    Susan Murphy (US)
    Elaine Pascoe (AU)
    Tom Snelling (AU)

    Trial Analysis
    Dimitris Rizopoulos (NL)
    Suzie Cro (UK)
    Ian White (UK)

    Cluster Randomised Trials
    Fan Li (US)
    Charles Weijer (CA)
    Phillip Westgate (US)




    Registration type







    Abstract Submission

    The Scientific Program Committee are now accepting abstracts for oral presentations. It is anticipated that presentations will be 15 minutes in length (subject to change). We welcome any submissions which focus on innovative clinical trial design or analysis methodology. Please see the event website for further details.


    Key dates

    Submissions open

    Monday 16th August

    Submissions close

    Friday 17th September

    Authors notified

    Friday 22nd October

    To register please click here.
    • 6 Dec 2021
    • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (AEDT)
    • Online
    • 37

    Statistical Society of Australia warmly invites you to a workshop on data visualisation with R, taught by Prof. Di Cook and Dr. Emi Tanaka.

    About the workshop:

    Data visualisation is a key statistical tool for effective communication and to understand aspects of data and models. The statistical language R is used widely for data analysis and visualization, e.g. the BBC Visual and Data Journalism team uses ggplot2 R-package to create production-ready charts. This workshop will teach you how to create production-ready graphics using the grammar of graphics implemented in ggplot2 R-package. In addition, the workshop will teach you how to construct more complex plots, including maps, and discuss inference for statistical graphics to understand if what we see in a plot is really there. The workshop will be hands-on with plenty of practical examples.

    About the presenters:

    Dianne Cook is Professor of Business Analytics at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.  She is a world leader in data visualisation, especially the visualisation of high-dimensional data using tours with low-dimensional projections, and projection pursuit.  She is currently focusing on bridging the gap between exploratory graphics and statistical inference.  Di is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association, past editor of the Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, current editor of the R Journal,  elected Ordinary Member of the R Foundation, and elected member of the International Statistical Institute. 

    Emi Tanaka is a Lecturer in Statistics at Monash University and the Vice President of SSA Vic. She is currently working on a statistical theory for conducting inference using data plots and is an early career researcher in multi-level modelling, and experimental design. She is an experienced and enthusiastic R user and instructor, and regularly teaches university courses and workshops to the broader community on data visualisation, including ggplot2.

    Target audience:

    This workshop is suitable for those who know R but are not familiar or comfortable with using ggplot2 or would like a refresher on ggplot2. It is aimed for those that have familiarity with ggplot2 but would like to delve deeper into advanced plotting techniques, including interactive plots and animating plots, and using plots for inference.

    Learning objectives:

    Dipping Your Toes into Data Visualization with R

    Presented by Emi Tanaka

    • Review of tidy data format

    • Basics of the grammar of graphics

    • Drawing the basic data plot types (barchart, pie chart, histogram, density plot, scatterplot, boxplot) utilising a range of common geoms and variable mappings

    • Choosing colour wisely

    • All about scales, transforming data, setting limits, changing coordinate systems, axis specifications, ordering levels of categorical axes

    • Jazzing up your plot with different themes, plot annotations and combining plots together to make a publication-ready plot

    Diving Deeper into Data Visualization with R

    Presented by Di Cook

    • Check your knowledge, a review of basic plotting with the grammar

    • Expanding your graphics toolbox to mapping, making choropleth maps, using map images as a base

    • Making your plots speak. Adding interactive elements including mouse-over labels, and sliders for controlling parameters, using plotly. Animating plots using gganimate.

    • Learn how to decide on the best plot design for a problem, and how to  determine if what you see is a real structure. 


    • basic R knowledge (e.g. you have used R to load data, create simple visualisations, perform basic analyses and write simple functions or more specifically, you are familiar with concepts in Cookbook for R by Winston Chang)

    • basic statistics (e.g. simple linear regression, hypothesis testing, basic summary statistics and plots)

    • computer (with ability to install R and R-packages), microphone and web camera 

    • stable internet connection

    • Install the video conferencing software, zoom and know how to use zoom


    • Know about tidy data (i.e. importing data and putting data into the right format for plotting)

    • Some familiarity with tidyverse


    09:00 10:30 (1.5 hours)

    Session 1

    10.30 11:00


    11:00 12:30 (1.5 hours)

    Session 2

    12:30pm - 1.30pm 


    1:30 - 3:00 (1.5 hours)

    Session 3

    3:00 - 3:30 


    3:30 - 5:00 (1.5 hours)

    Session 4


    Cancellation policy:

    Cancellations received prior to 1 Dec 2021 will be refunded, minus a $20 administration fee. From then onward no part of the registration fee will be refunded. However, registrations are transferable within the same organisation. Please advise any changes to

    • 17 Jan 2022
    • (AEDT)
    • 18 Feb 2022
    • (AEDT)
    • Online

    ACSPRI's 2022 Summer Program is offering courses over 4 weeks in January and February 2022. 

    • Classes will run across 2 to 5 days in blocks of 'online time'.
    • Classes will be restricted to 12 people to maintain the interactivity and applied nature of our courses.
    • Depending on the course, you will receive reading, notes and general information about the course in advance.
    • All other software requirements will be listed on the course page & we will contact you in advance to make sure you have what you need.
    • Prior to to the course, we will offer you an opportunity to test your setup with ACSPRI support staff.
    • We understand that networking is a very important part of your ACSPRI experience, over the week, there will be ample opportunities to interact with your fellow classmates and instructor as well as work on applied exercises.

    Courses in this program:

    Level Week Venue Title Status
    Level 1 Week 1 ONLINE Introduction to Computer-assisted Qualitative Data Analysis using Nvivo: Online Open
    Level 1 Week 1 ONLINE Introduction to Qualitative Research: Online Open
    Level 2 Week 1 ONLINE Data Analysis Using Stata: Online Open
    Level 2 Week 1 ONLINE Fundamentals of Program Evaluation in Public Policy: Online Open
    Level 3 Week 1 ONLINE Fundamentals of Structural Equation Modelling: Online Open
    Level 5 Week 1 ONLINE Multi-level Analysis using Mplus: Online Open


    Level 1 Week 2 ONLINE Foundations of Qualitative Methodologies, Data Collection and Analysis Online (3-Day) Open
    Level 1 Week 2 ONLINE Fundamentals of Statistics: Online Open
    Level 1 Week 2 ONLINE Introduction to Social Network Research and Analysis: Online Open
    Level 2 Week 2 ONLINE Data Analysis in R: Online Open
    Level 2 Week 2 ONLINE Qualitative Research: Design, Analysis and Representation: Online Open
    Level 3 Week 2 ONLINE Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis: Online Open
    Level 4 Week 2 ONLINE Applied Structural Equation Modelling: Online Open


    Level 2 Week 3 ONLINE Applied Statistical Procedures: Online Open
    Level 2 Week 3 ONLINE Fundamentals of Multiple Regression: Online Open
    Level 2 Week 3 ONLINE Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA): An Introduction (Online - 3 Day) Open
    Level 3 Week 3 ONLINE Advanced Statistical Analysis Using R: Online Open
    Level 3 Week 3 ONLINE Big Data Analysis for Social Scientists : Online - (3 Day) Open
    Level 5 Week 3 ONLINE Advanced Structural Equation Modelling: Online Open


    Level 2 Week 4 ONLINE Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA): An Application in 10 Steps (Online - 4 Day) Open

    How to enroll: 

    Step 1: Log in to the ACSPRI website (you can create an account or request a new password if required). The account should be in the name of the person taking the course. Alternative billing details (e.g. for a Finance Officer) can be entered later if need be.

     Step 2:  Check the status of the desired course. If places are available the status will show up as "Open". If the course is "Full" you will be able to join the waiting list for that course. You would then be contacted via email if a place becomes available or a second course is offered.

     Step 3: Select the title of the desired course to see the course outline page.  Select "Add to cart" and proceed to checkout.

     Step 4: Enter billing details (e.g. yourself or an admin/finance officer). Enter shipping details (course notes will be mailed to this address), and either finalise payment by credit card or request an invoice by selecting 'Direct Deposit', (please keep in mind the relevant payment deadlines).

     Step 5: Click "Review Order" to check the details and then submit order.

     Step 6: Check your invoice/receipt (under the course title) to see if your course has been confirmed to run at the program. If it has not yet been confirmed, you will receive an email when a sufficient number of bookings has been received and the course has been confirmed.

    For more information click here.

    • 27 Jun 2022
    • (AEST)
    • 1 Jul 2022
    • (AEST)
    • Darwin, Australia

    The inaugural

    Joint Southern Statistical Meetings 2022

    will be held in Darwin from 27 June – 1 July 2022.

    This conference will bring together the leading statistical communities in the region to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners across a variety of statistical disciplines to facilitate the exchange of theory, methods and applications.

    To be kept up to date with our conference planning, please email your details to

    We invite regional associations to contact us with expressions of interest to be part of this event. If you would like to sponsor JSSM2022 please get in touch as well.

    See you in Darwin in 2022! 

    • 6 Jul 2022
    • (AEST)
    • 14 Jul 2022
    • (AEST)
    • St Petersburg, Russia

    The ICM 2022 (International Congress of Mathematicians) will take place 6–14 July 2022 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

    The 19th General Assembly of the IMU will be held in St. Petersburg, on 3–4 July 2022. 
    The official website of the Congress is

    • 10 Jul 2022
    • (AEST)
    • 15 Jul 2022
    • (AEST)
    • Riga, Latvia

    to be held at the Radisson Blu Latvija Conference & Spa Hotel

    • 28 Nov 2022
    • 2 Dec 2022
    • RACV Inverloch Resort, Victoria, Australia

    The details can be found here:

    The workshop will be held on Mon 28th Nov 2022. 

    The conference itself is to be held on Tue 29th Nov to Fri 2nd Dec 2022. 

    • 27 Nov 2023
    • 1 Dec 2023

    The conference will be joint with SEEM at Bay Of Islands in New Zealand.

Past events

14 Sep 2021 SSA WA Branch: Attitudes of School Students Towards Mathematics (Prof. Inge Koch)
3 Sep 2021 Summer School on Survey Statistics 2021
2 Sep 2021 SSA Vic Mentoring Event
31 Aug 2021 SSA Canberra branch meeting - Biostatistics collaborations in Health and Social research: The road taken.
25 Aug 2021 Queensland Branch Meeting: Prof Munni Begum
24 Aug 2021 SSA NSW: When your research meets Covid: A case study - by Dr. Nancy Briggs
17 Aug 2021 SSA AGM - followed by "Uncertain Futures: What Can We Forecast and When Should We Give Up?"
10 Aug 2021 Joint Meeting of SSA WA & IBS AR: Investigating Epigenetic Clocks (A/Prof Nicola Armstrong)
3 Aug 2021 SSA Vic Branch August Talk - Darren Clinch
27 Jul 2021 Joint SSA Canberra + Canberra Data Scientists Meeting
26 Jul 2021 SSA-EVENT: Early Career & Student Statisticians Conference 2021
25 Jul 2021 CPD135: Statistical Shape Analysis via Topological Data Analysis
24 Jul 2021 CPD131 - Convex Optimization for Statistical and Machine Learning with CVXR
22 Jul 2021 Early Career Biostatistician’s Day of the 42nd Annual Conference of the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics
21 Jul 2021 South Australian Branch Meeting Presentation
19 Jul 2021 IWSM 2021: 35th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling
11 Jul 2021 63rd ISI World Statistics Congress 2021 - Statistics and Data Science for a Better World
8 Jul 2021 CPD 129-Introduction to Machine Learning for Health Data
8 Jul 2021 CPD136 - Workshop: Introduction to Julia for Statistics and Data Science.
6 Jul 2021 ANZSC Foreman Lecture & Conference Dinner – SSA Vic
6 Jul 2021 QLD Branch Meeting: Foreman Lecture stream
5 Jul 2021 SSA-Event: ANZSC2021- Modelling Data for a Brighter Future
5 Jul 2021 Computational and Applied Statistics at ICCSA 2021
5 Jul 2021 ANZSC2021 Face-to-face Hub – SSA Vic
5 Jul 2021 The Centre for Data Science at QUT is hosting a Datathon!
2 Jul 2021 Melbourne Centre for Data Science- Seminar Series 2021: A Seat at the Table: The Key Role of Biostatistics and Data Science in the COVID-19 Pandemic
30 Jun 2021 CPD138- ECSSC Science Communication Series: Presenting Virtually
28 Jun 2021 ACSPRI's Winter 2021 Online Program
28 Jun 2021 2021 World Meeting of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis
27 Jun 2021 41st International Symposium on Forecasting
23 Jun 2021 Early Career* Bayes Seminar Series: Bayesian hierarchical stacking—All models are wrong, but some are somewhere useful
18 Jun 2021 Webinar: A Desingularized Mean Field Approximation
16 Jun 2021 CPD134- ECSSC Science Communication Series: Honing Your Pitch
15 Jun 2021 SA Monthly Branch Meeting Seminar
15 Jun 2021 StatChat
9 Jun 2021 Queensland branch meeting: jamovi - statistical software for the masses
9 Jun 2021 Virtual public lecture: (Mis)(Dis)information, online social networks, and mathematics
8 Jun 2021 SSA WA June Meeting - Reflections upon five years of collaborating with WA's offshore energy industry - Dr Edward Cripps
1 Jun 2021 Using R for Bayesian Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Health Modeling
27 May 2021 EC Bayes Seminar Series: Andrea Bertazzi (Delft)
26 May 2021 SSA NSW May Meeting by Dr. Reidar Lystad
26 May 2021 CPD133 - ECSSC Science Communication Series: Visualising Your Data
26 May 2021 Virtual Lecture: Playing God with Virtual Hearts
25 May 2021 SSA Canberra + ABS: On the use of timely economic indicators
18 May 2021 Shutdowns and Slow-Downs: Detecting Anomalies in Granular Internet Activity Data, at Global Scale
18 May 2021 Attention Hobart and Tasmanian stats society members!
17 May 2021 Introductory Statistics for Researchers using SPSS
14 May 2021 Online Seminar: Estimating volume from point-referenced thickness measurements
12 May 2021 SSA Vic: Trivia!
12 May 2021 "The Road Ahead for Women in STEM" - virtual panel discussion for International Women in Mathematics Day
11 May 2021 WA Branch Meeting - Focus on Early Career and Student Statisticians
10 May 2021 Introductory Statistics for Researchers
6 May 2021 Introduction to R
5 May 2021 CPD132 - ECSSC Science Communication Series: Science Communication
5 May 2021 'Inclusion-Exclusion' in the Mathematical Sciences. ACEMS Virtual Public Lecture with Dr Eugenia Cheng
28 Apr 2021 Queensland branch AGM and talk
27 Apr 2021 April Meeting: SSA NSW & R-Ladies Sydney Joint Event by Dr Gordana Popovic
27 Apr 2021 Introduction to R
20 Apr 2021 The Rise and Rise of Data Science Centres and Institutes
15 Apr 2021 CPD130 SSA Canberra Workshop: Data visualisation with R
13 Apr 2021 WA Branch Meeting - Prof Luke Prendergast - Meta-analysis: common traps and misconceptions
12 Apr 2021 ABC in Svalbard
1 Apr 2021 The Mathematics of Knots
1 Apr 2021 Webinar: Parallel Tempering on Optimized Paths
30 Mar 2021 SSA Canberra: An ongoing journey into spatial confounding
25 Mar 2021 SSA webinar: Predicting Benefit of Aggressive Treatment for Localized Kidney Cancer Patients Using Modified Principal Stratification with Latent Survival Classes
24 Mar 2021 SA Branch AGM+Presentation
24 Mar 2021 NSW Branch: AGM + Lancaster Lecture
18 Mar 2021 Learn How to Publish Your Manuscript Successfully with Wiley
17 Mar 2021 RSS Merseyside Local Group & UK Data Service: Starting a Career in Data - Panel
16 Mar 2021 The statistical quandaries of an ecologist
16 Mar 2021 SSA Vic AGM
9 Mar 2021 Annual General Meeting of the WA Branch of the Statistical Society of Australia
5 Mar 2021 Data Science in the News: The Data Science of Covid-19 Vaccination
2 Mar 2021 Joint SSA Canberra + RLadies Canberra Branch Meeting
1 Mar 2021 Institute for Mathematical and Statistical Innovation (IMSI) workshop to focus on how math and statistics can address climate change
24 Feb 2021 SA Branch meet & greet
22 Feb 2021 ViCBiostat Summer School 2021 (Week 2): Modern concepts in clinical trials
17 Feb 2021 Introducing the SSA Mentoring Program
17 Feb 2021 Spatial and Temporal Statistics Symposium
15 Feb 2021 ViCBiostat Summer School 2021 (Week 1): Multiple Imputation
2 Feb 2021 CPD128- Develop your online profile, course by "Science in Public"
2 Feb 2021 Sample Size and Power Calculations
28 Jan 2021 Deriving Insights from New Data Sources
28 Jan 2021 StatChat
11 Jan 2021 AMSI Summer School in the Mathematical Sciences
8 Dec 2020 SSA NSW Branch: 21st J.B. Douglas Awards + 2020 Annual Lecture by Prof Gillian Heller
7 Dec 2020 CPD123 - Statistical Consulting Network 2020 Meeting
4 Dec 2020 SSA T-Shirt Design Competition
2 Dec 2020 7th Biennial ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference 2020
1 Dec 2020 CPD126 - Workshop: Data wrangling with R
30 Nov 2020 AMSI BioInfoSummer 2020 – bioinformatics symposium
27 Nov 2020 The Advent of "Grammar": Bridging Statistics and Data Science for the Design of Experiments
26 Nov 2020 SA Branch webinar: Investigating the spread and divergence of genetic variations within the SARS-CoV-2 genome
26 Nov 2020 Communication Training - SSA internal training
25 Nov 2020 NSW Nov Branch Meeting by Dr Stephen Woodcock, Just not cricket: How did sports science get stuck in the statistical outfield?
24 Nov 2020 SSA Canberra Knibbs Lecture: A personal tour with Prof Raymond Carroll
20 Nov 2020 Commonly Used Biostatistical Methods for Analysing Longitudinal Data in Health Research
19 Nov 2020 SSA NSW Early Career and Student Statistician Event 2020
18 Nov 2020 The University of Wollongong's 2020 Statistical Science Lecturer: Sally Cripps
17 Nov 2020 Should statisticians all work from home even after lockdown?
17 Nov 2020 SSA Vic Special General Meeting
11 Nov 2020 Computing Bayes: Bayesian Computation from 1763 to the 21st Century
11 Nov 2020 CPD121 - Workshop: Data visualisation with R
10 Nov 2020 WA Branch Meeting - Prof Ryan Loxton - Optimisation in Practice
5 Nov 2020 On the importance to society of high quality public statistics
4 Nov 2020 IASS Webinar 3: "Survey and Big Data Interactions (during the COVID emergency)"
30 Oct 2020 Environmental Stats October seminar – Erin Schliep (University of Missouri)
28 Oct 2020 SA Branch webinar: Instrumental variables: a review of the rationale for their use, assumptions and validation methods with application to estimating the impact of health spending on health outcomes
27 Oct 2020 SSA Canberra Branch Meeting: Dennis Trewin prize 2020
21 Oct 2020 NSW 2020 Lancaster Lecture: Count on someone who can count! by Dr. Thomas Fung
20 Oct 2020 Belz Lecture social event: Simon Pampena in The Probability Drive
20 Oct 2020 Trust in Official Statistics (Belz Lecture/World Statistics Day)
20 Oct 2020 Now at 3pm: Queensland branch meeting on World Statistics Day
20 Oct 2020 Queensland branch meeting on World Statistics Day
14 Oct 2020 Webinar: Inferring genetic relatedness to identify disease-causing variants and selection signals
13 Oct 2020 WA Branch Meeting - Prof Sally Cripps - Models and Uncertainty in the time of COVID-19
8 Oct 2020 Introduction To Multiple Linear And Multiple Logistic Regression In Health Research Using Sas And R
7 Oct 2020 Social event: Slide slam, SSA-style!
6 Oct 2020 SSA webinar: It’s Alive! Frankenstein for President
30 Sep 2020 NSW September Meeting: Monte Carlo Secrets Revealed - A (Zoom) Arena Spectacular by Dr Robert Salomone
30 Sep 2020 WA Young Statisticians Workshop 2020
30 Sep 2020 CPD120: Online workshop - Semiparametric regression with R
29 Sep 2020 SSA Canberra + ABS Meeting: Foreman Lecture
28 Sep 2020 Mathematics without Borders
25 Sep 2020 Webinar: Random Effects Inference in Linear Mixed Models: The good, the bad, and the misspecified
22 Sep 2020 Early Career Industry Showcase
21 Sep 2020 SSA webinar: Advances in Data Linking Methodology at the ABS
10 Sep 2020 SSA Webinar: An application of network meta-analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of electronic cigarette on smoking cessation
10 Sep 2020 CPD122 -SSA Online Workshop: Version control using Git and RStudio
8 Sep 2020 WA Branch Meeting (Zoom registrations) - Prof David Steel
8 Sep 2020 WA Branch Meeting - Prof David Steel - What could we expect from randomly selected samples for estimating the prevalence of COVID-19?
8 Sep 2020 External event: Text Analytics in Python (Advanced)
7 Sep 2020 RSS 2020 Online Conference
3 Sep 2020 SA Branch webinar: Propensity score techniques in multiple treatment framework: the estimation of neighbourhood effect
2 Sep 2020 External event: Analytics and Bikes: Riding Tandem with Motivate to Improve Mobility
1 Sep 2020 Partners in Prevention: Understanding and Enhancing First Responses to Suicide Crisis Situations
1 Sep 2020 External event: Introduction to Python for Data Science
31 Aug 2020 External event: Introduction to Regression Modelling in R
27 Aug 2020 Improving Prediction in Human Behavior Using Behavior Modifications
26 Aug 2020 SSA NSW August Virtual Event: How Statistics is used to help creating a better justice system – a case study
25 Aug 2020 Statistical consulting in the 21st century
24 Aug 2020 External event: Introductory Statistics for Researchers
24 Aug 2020 Data and Analytics Leaders Exchange 2020
20 Aug 2020 ACEMS' National Science Week Virtual Quiz
19 Aug 2020 SA Branch webinar - A LEGENDARY way to do observational data analysis at scale!
19 Aug 2020 External event: Introduction to R
17 Aug 2020 Webinar: Can multiple disparate data sources complement each other? The case of researching economic disadvantage in Australia.
14 Aug 2020 SA Branch Young Statisticians Career Event
11 Aug 2020 WA joint seminar with IBS - Dr Smaila Sanni
11 Aug 2020 External event: Introduction to R
6 Aug 2020 P-Values and "Statistical Significance": Deconstructing the Arguments
4 Aug 2020 SSA and ASPAI AGMs
31 Jul 2020 Talking to stakeholders: Statistics in the outside world
28 Jul 2020 Sharpening the BLADE - Missing Data Imputation using Supervised Machine Learning
28 Jul 2020 Workshop: Data visualisation with R
24 Jul 2020 SSA Webinar: Writing successful fellowships
24 Jul 2020 Workshop: Introduction to Julia for Statistics and Data Science
21 Jul 2020 'The Eye of the Beholder' : Regression Coefficients & Mechanical Objectivity in Public Health Research
20 Jul 2020 Workshop: Machine learning with Python
19 Jul 2020 The 35th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling (IWSM2020)
15 Jul 2020 SA Branch webinar - Dr Natalie Twine
10 Jul 2020 Games Night - Plan your escape from our virtual Escape Room
10 Jul 2020 Virtual Poster Pitch
9 Jul 2020 SSA+NZSA virtual mini-conference
1 Jul 2020 Workshop of the 20th International Conference on Computational Science and Applications
30 Jun 2020 Beyond Beamer: Joint SSA Canberra/NSW + RLadies Meeting
26 Jun 2020 SSA Course: P-values and the normal assumption in scientific research.
23 Jun 2020 SSA Vic Mentoring Evening
22 Jun 2020 7th International Statistical Ecology Conference- external event
19 Jun 2020 Webinar: Getting to know our “cell mates”: A practical approach to microbiome analysis through a biostatistician’s lens.
17 Jun 2020 SA Branch webinar - Dr Oscar Perez-Concha
16 Jun 2020 Queensland branch meeting: Leveraging statistical shapes in genomics, looking beyond what’s Normal
10 Jun 2020 Webinar: Inquiry into the performance of the opinion polls at the 2019 Australian Federal Election – Update of progress made by the enquiry
9 Jun 2020 WA branch seminar - Dr Brenton R Clarke
5 Jun 2020 Seminar: Inferring genetic linkage maps from high-throughput sequencing data
2 Jun 2020 Queensland Branch meeting: "MIGHTY MAPS: Showcasing estimate uncertainty"
28 May 2020 Virtual Coffee - Member Catch Up and Discussion
27 May 2020 Webinar: A short overview into “how to make a learning healthcare system work”: from linking data, machine learning to ethics
27 May 2020 Queensland Branch Meeting: Searching for dark matter and new physics with GAMBIT
26 May 2020 Raising Heretics: Teaching effective scepticism using data science
21 May 2020 Data Collection in a time of multiple crises: The social research response to COVID-19, bushfires, and drought
19 May 2020 Trivia Night via Zoom, hosted by SSA Victoria
19 May 2020 Short Course: Study Design
12 May 2020 WA Young Statisticians Meeting
12 May 2020 Short Course: Introductory Statistics for Researchers
8 May 2020 SSA seminar: Jim Thorson (NOAA), Forecasting nonlocal climate impacts for mobile marine species using extensions to empirical orthogonal function analysis
4 May 2020 Short Course: Introduction to R
30 Apr 2020 Virtual Coffee - Member Catch Up and Discussion
28 Apr 2020 Vic Branch – COVID-19: modelling and public health policy
22 Apr 2020 SA Branch Meeting - Dr Murthy Mittinty
16 Apr 2020 Webinar: Learning about Covid-19 Known Unknowns: the essential role of statisticians
14 Apr 2020 WA Branch Meeting - Assoc/Prof Rachel Cardell-Oliver
31 Mar 2020 Vic Branch – Measuring Well-being
31 Mar 2020 SSA Vic AGM
26 Mar 2020 NSW Branch: AGM + Lancaster Lecture
25 Mar 2020 SA Branch Annual General Meeting
20 Mar 2020 SSA Webinar: Tales of an Applied Statistician
10 Mar 2020 WA Branch AGM and Meeting - Mark S. Handcock
5 Mar 2020 Bayesian Adaptive Randomised Clinical Trials Workshop
3 Mar 2020 Queensland Branch AGM 2020
27 Feb 2020 Bayesian Adaptive Randomised Clinical Trials Workshop
21 Feb 2020 Webinar: Statistical Machine Learning for Spatio-Temporal Forecasting
19 Feb 2020 SA Branch Meeting - Prof Omer Ozturk
7 Feb 2020 SSA Webinar: Do we die of only one cause?
11 Dec 2019 rOpenSci OzUnconf 2019 - external event
10 Dec 2019 Vic Branch – We all count: Strengthening stats and maths through diversity
9 Dec 2019 UQ Institute for Social Science Research: Longitudinal Data Analysis Course
6 Dec 2019 E. A. Cornish Memorial Lecture - SA Branch Meeting
6 Dec 2019 South Australia Biostatistics Networking
6 Dec 2019 SA Cornish Lecture
4 Dec 2019 UNSW Biostatistics Seminar
4 Dec 2019 Bayesian adaptive trials workshop - external event
3 Dec 2019 Webinar: Communicating risk and uncertainty with Sir David Spiegelhalter
3 Dec 2019 Queensland branch Xmas event
3 Dec 2019 Introduction to Python for Data Science - external event
3 Dec 2019 Biometrics by the Botanic Gardens 2019 - external event
2 Dec 2019 17th Australasian Data Mining Conference (AusDM’19) - external event
1 Dec 2019 Workshops at Biometrics by the Botanic Gardens 2019 - external event
29 Nov 2019 Data Science and Social Good Symposium - external event
28 Nov 2019 WOMBAT 2019
26 Nov 2019 WA Branch: End of year dinner
26 Nov 2019 Sample Size and Power Calculations - external event
26 Nov 2019 UQ Institute for Social Science Research: Social Cost-Benefit Analysis Course - external event
25 Nov 2019 CPD95 - Bayes on the Beach 2019
21 Nov 2019 Workshop: Pragmatic randomised trial designs for evaluating health policy and practice change interventions - external event
19 Nov 2019 CPD108 - R skills workshops: Building R packages and R Markdown
19 Nov 2019 UQ Institute for Social Science Research: Gathering Qualitative Data Course - external event
19 Nov 2019 Bayesian Logistic Regression in Practice, using R or Autostat - External Event
18 Nov 2019 Webinar: Modelling Molecule Dropout in single cell RNA-seq Experiment Leads to Improved Identification of Marker Genes
18 Nov 2019 CPD107 - Machine Learning with Python
13 Nov 2019 NSW Branch: Annual Dinner
13 Nov 2019 NSW Branch: Annual Lecture by Prof Ian Marschner
13 Nov 2019 NSW Branch: J. B. Douglas Awards
13 Nov 2019 UQ Institute for Social Science Research: Essential Social Analysis Skills Course - external event
13 Nov 2019 NSW Branch: J.B. Douglas Awards Sponsorship
12 Nov 2019 WA Branch meeting: Prof Cathryn Lewis – Hansford-Miller Fellow 2019
12 Nov 2019 Time Series & Forecasting Symposium (TSF2019), Sydney - external event
8 Nov 2019 UQ Institute for Social Science Research: Program Evaluation Course
7 Nov 2019 Statistical Design and Analysis in Data Science - external event
7 Nov 2019 Statistical Design and Analysis in Data Science - external event
5 Nov 2019 WA Branch Young Statisticians: Meet up with Professor Cathryn Lewis (2019 Frank Hansford-Miller Fellow)
5 Nov 2019 Queensland Branch meeting - November
4 Nov 2019 CPD97- Network meta-analysis and population adjustment for decision-making - CPD97
31 Oct 2019 Vic Branch – Belz Dinner
31 Oct 2019 Vic Branch – Statistics is the Crown Jewel of Data Science (Belz Lecture)
28 Oct 2019 Webinar: An introduction to business analytics beyond statistical analysis
23 Oct 2019 SA Branch Meeting: Dr David Baird VSN NZ Ltd
21 Oct 2019 NSW Branch: October Event by Prof Elizabeth Stuart
21 Oct 2019 B&B Networking Event
21 Oct 2019 CPD105 - Propensity score methods for estimating causal effects in non-experimental studies: The why, what, and how
9 Oct 2019 SSA NSW Young Statisticians & Data Scientist Careers Networking
8 Oct 2019 WA Branch: Displaying Uncertainty and Risk - Dr John Henstridge
3 Oct 2019 Randomization, Bootstrap and Monte Carlo Methods in Biology - external event
1 Oct 2019 SSA-Event: YSC2019 Dinner - Kingston Hotel
1 Oct 2019 Queensland branch meeting: Automated Technologies for Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis
1 Oct 2019 SSA-Event: Young Statisticians Conference 2019
30 Sep 2019 CPD102 - SSA Canberra/YSC Event: Pre-Conference Trivia Night!
30 Sep 2019 CPD103 - Maximising the use of Australian Bureau of Statistics Data Products and Analysis Tools
30 Sep 2019 CPD98- Communicating with R Markdown
30 Sep 2019 CPD101- Mediation Analysis Using Potential Outcome Framework
26 Sep 2019 SA Branch Meeting: Peter Kasprzak
24 Sep 2019 NSW Branch: A notion of depth for curve data by Dr Pierre Lafaye de Micheaux
24 Sep 2019 Vic Branch – Young Statisticians Showcase 2019
23 Sep 2019 CPD106- Advanced R skills: Introduction to Shiny and Building R Packages
17 Sep 2019 SSA Webinar with Noel Cressie: Inference for Spatio-Temporal Changes of Arctic Sea Ice.
10 Sep 2019 WA Branch Meeting - Matt Schneider
5 Sep 2019 Applied Statistics and Policy Analysis Conference, 2019 - external event
3 Sep 2019 Queensland Branch meeting: Shiny showcase
28 Aug 2019 SA Branch Meeting - Dr Kathy Haskard
27 Aug 2019 Vic Branch – Detecting botnet activity using machine learning
20 Aug 2019 Talk on the QUT Digital Observatory
19 Aug 2019 Oceania Stata Conference - external event
18 Aug 2019 ISI 2019 – 62nd ISI World Statistics Congress - external event
13 Aug 2019 WA Branch Meeting - Joint IBS and SSA - Suman Rakshit
7 Aug 2019 SA Young Statisticians' Career Event
7 Aug 2019 2019 International Conference and Workshops on Survey Research Methodology - external event
6 Aug 2019 NSW Branch: Gender and Cultural Bias In Student Evaluations of Teaching at Universities by A/Prof Yanan Fan
24 Jul 2019 SA Branch Meeting - Dr Murthy N Mittinty
24 Jul 2019 The Research School on Statistics and Data Science 2019 (RSSDS2019) - external event
18 Jul 2019 Vic Branch - Tutorial on sequential Monte Carlo methods in statistics
18 Jul 2019 Minitab Insights Event Australia - external event
17 Jul 2019 Statistical Tools for the Pharmaceutical Industry - external event
9 Jul 2019 (Cancelled) WA Branch Meeting
9 Jul 2019 SSA-QLD Career Seminar: Lead With Statistics
7 Jul 2019 34th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling (IWSM2019) - external event
4 Jul 2019 Gaining skills in biostatistical consultancy- CPD94
3 Jul 2019 R skills workshops: R Markdown and Building R packages
2 Jul 2019 Tutorial on Sequential Monte Carlo methods in Statistics
1 Jul 2019 Computational and Applied Statistics (CAS 2019) - external event
30 Jun 2019 42nd Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (MERGA) Conference 2019 - external event
28 Jun 2019 Semiparametric regression with R - CPD99
26 Jun 2019 SA Meetup event: What went wrong with the polls? Do statisticians have a role to play?
25 Jun 2019 Vic Branch - Mentoring Breakfast
19 Jun 2019 Systematic reviews & meta-analysis of prognosis studies
11 Jun 2019 WA Branch Meeting - Dr Adriano Polpo - Hypothesis Tests: Using Adaptive Significance Levels for Decisions
11 Jun 2019 Data science helping to create a better justice system - an ACEMS Public Lecture at UTS
29 May 2019 SA Branch Meeting - Dr Beben Benyamin & Dr Ang Zhou
28 May 2019 Vic Branch – A recipe for quantifying the impact of prevention
28 May 2019 ICORS-LACSC 2019 - external event
16 May 2019 Fast algorithms and modern visualisations for feature selection - CPD96
14 May 2019 WA Branch Meeting - Young Statisticians Meeting
7 May 2019 QLD branch - Multimorbidity: Measurement for Health related Quality of Life and Health service use
7 May 2019 Chief Data & Analytics Officer Exchange - external event
4 May 2019 Data Day- Melbourne - external event
2 May 2019 Data Day- Sydney - external event
30 Apr 2019 Vic Branch – Reproducibility and Open Science
29 Apr 2019 Spatio-Temporal Statistics with R
17 Apr 2019 SA Branch Meeting - Professor Michael Sorich
9 Apr 2019 WA Branch Meeting - Prof Inge Koch
19 Mar 2019 Vic Branch – AGM + Statistics with industry: demonstrating impact
11 Dec 2018 Queensland Xmas Party
26 Sep 2018 Young Statisticians’ Workshop 2018
25 Sep 2018 Urban Modelling and Understanding with Machine Learning
11 Sep 2018 Young Statistician Careers Seminar
5 Sep 2018 Workshop: Semiparametric Regression with R with Matt Wand
28 Aug 2018 SSA Biostatistics Networking Event
26 Aug 2018 International Society for Clinical Biostatistics and Australian Statistical Conference 2018

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