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CSIRO/SSA Betty Allan Travel Award

About the award

Frances Elizabeth (Betty) Allan (1905 to 1952) was CSIRO’s first statistician and provided statistical support across the organisation. She also lectured in mathematics and statistics at Canberra University College and Australian Forestry School. When she married in 1940 she was forced to retire, which was the law for female public servants.

This is national award honours Betty’s contribution to Australian statistics. The award is jointly funded by the Statistical Society and CSIRO. The award was started in 2019.

There will be one winner per year. It is open to any early career female Stats Society member and/or CSIRO/Data61 staff member currently working or studying in the field of statistics in Australia. Early Career means someone who has been active in the field for ten years or less. For those with a PhD, this criterion will interpreted as having graduated with their PhD within the past ten years. Extensions will be considered for valid career interruptions.

Previous winners of the award are not eligible for further awards.

The money ($3000) can be used to support travel to support your career as a professional visitor to a suitable location and/or conference anywhere in the world.

What are we looking for in a travel proposal?

The two-page form is available here. Here are some points to consider when completing the form:

  • (If applicable) Any recent career disruptions (e.g., caring for children or relatives). Any information will be treated in strict confidence.
  • Your career so far, including contributions to the field and publications/presentations.
  • How you think your proposed travel would benefit your career in statistics. Including where you are going to and who you will visit.
  • For conferences, the relevance of the conference to your current work/research and who you hope to meet.
  • For work/research visits, who your host will be and why this is the ideal person to visit. Have you previously worked with the host? What work plans have you developed?
  • What you hope to happen after the travel is complete.
  • Are you combining your travel with other meetings/events?
  • The budget should be briefly justified. We do not expect exact quotes, but quotes should be reasonable and any high costs should be justified (e.g., need to travel during peak season).

Completed forms and supporting documents (if applicable) should be emailed to The deadline is Friday 29 November 2019 at 4pm (AEST), late applications will not be considered.

Previous winners

  • 2020 Sharmala Thuraisingam and Karen Lamb

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