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Short course submissions

Would you like to present a short course or workshop on topics in statistics, data science, or related areas? If so, the Statistical Society of Australia (SSA) would like to hear from you.

The SSA’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee is inviting expressions of interest (EOI) from presenters interested in providing online workshops or courses for the Society. These courses are normally face-to-face, but because of the COVID-19 outbreak and social distancing restrictions, SSA has decided to host its courses and workshops online via Zoom or other platforms. The courses, in the form of short lectures and/or workshops, can be delivered over multiple sessions or days.  

Presenters are free to suggest topics in their areas of interest and expertise, but recent surveys have shown that topics of interest to members include the R language environment, data visualisation/presentation, bio- and clinical statistics, big data, data analysis using Python, sampling and surveys, data mining, and topics in applied statistics and modelling.

In your EOI, please indicate the following:

  • 1.        The course or topic you would like to present;
  • 2.      A brief overview of the course/workshop, including the audience’s expected competency level
          (beginner, intermediate, advanced);
  • 3.      The length of the course/workshop (90 minutes – 2 hours per session is preferred for online courses,
           and there can be multiple sessions across one or more days);
  • 4.      The tentative date/time when you wish to present the course/workshop;
  • 5.      The maximum number of attendees;
  • 6.       Whether you wish to present under the auspices of a particular SSA branch;
  • 7.       The videoconferencing platform you wish to use;
  • 8.      A brief biography; and
  • 9.       The fee you wish to charge.

Please email the EOI to either the Chair of the CPD Committee or the Executive Officer of the SSA. Once an EOI is received, we will assess the relevance of the topic to Society members and then seek interest from the branches or sections to host the course. However, the SSA can also host courses/workshops centrally.

Recently, the SSA has initiated an award for regular presenters. Details are available here

We look forward to receiving your EOI!

CPD Committee of the SSA

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