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ECSSC2021 Committee

Meet our fabulous ECSSC2021 Conference Committee

Janan Arslan Conference Committee Chair

Janan is the Chair of both the ECSSC 2021 and the Young Statisticians Network. She's a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne and Research Fellow at Western Health. She has phenomenal scientific powers contained in an itty-bitty five-foot living space! She is a multi-disciplinary scientist, specialising in artificial intelligence, mathematics and statistics, and bioinformatics. Her dream is to take a trip to the International Space Station; she just needs to work out how to get the $52 million for the trip.

Program Chair Linh Nghiem

Linh Nghiem is the Program Chair for the ECSSC 2021. He is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia. Linh is interested in developing innovative methodologies and working with collaborators to address scientific questions using data. His current methodological research focus on measurement error modeling, sufficient dimension reduction and graphical models. Furthermore, he is also collaborating with scientists to investigate human perception of music and how music can be used to improve social empathy among people in society. Outside of work, Linh enjoys jogging and running in the beautiful Canberra. Linh is practicing piano on a regular basis as well.

Committee Secretary Ben Harrap

Ben is the secretary for the ECSSC and Victorian branch. He studies and works at the University of Melbourne, and when he's not thinking statistics you can find him gardening, brewing beer, or cuddling his greyhound.

Co-Abstract Submissions Manager Shih Ching FU

Shih Ching is one of the Abstract Submissions Managers for ECSSC21 and chief dad joke curator. Part computer scientist and part statistician, he can't quite decide which is more incredible: the Fast Fourier Transform or Bayes' Theorem. Frequently he thinks the prior is more likely.

Co-Abstract Submissions Manager
Jordan Hedi

Jordan is a member of the SSA NSW branch and has undertaken the role of Abstract Submission Manager for the ECSSC 2021 event. He works as a Conduct Risk Analyst for Westpac alongside, completing a Masters of Biostatistics via the Biostatistics Collaboration of Australia. When he’s not working, he can regularly be found in the clutches of a great book.

Website Manager John Yeung

My name is John and I am a Masters of Complex Systems student at the University of Sydney. I am the Website Manager of the ECSSC 2021 but my interest is all about trains and maps.

Assistant Website Manager Cameron Patrick

Cameron Patrick is the Assistant Website Manager for the ECSSC 2021. He works as a statistical consultant at the Statistical Consulting Centre, University of Melbourne, where he has consulted on projects spanning a wide range of disciplines from medicine to geophysics to law. When not thinking about statistics, he likes to escape outdoors to enjoy cycling, hiking and trail running.

Content Marketing Manager Splithoof Rivera

Content Marketing Manager for the Early Career & Student Statisticians Conference 2021 by Day - Student Econometrician by Night.

Co-Social Media Manager Mahantesh Biradar

Mahantesh Biradar is the ECSSC’s Social Media Manager. He is currently working as postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taiwan. His research interests lie in the statistical analysis of high-throughput sequencing data and how this can be used to answer important questions in biological and medical research. In addition to his scientific research, he has extensively engaged with startups, incubators, and NGOs & founded Research Stash, a platform for S.T.E.M enthusiasts. He also experienced with producing engaging video, podcasts, and content across social platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter.

Co-Social Media Manager Gaby O'Connor

Gaby is the Social Media Manager for ECSSC 2021. She is currently working in a graduate role at Westpac after finishing her honours in statistics last year. When she is not working, she likes to jump out doors for a hike or do some gardening.

Social Events Manager Melissa Middleton

Melissa is the social events manager for ECSSC 2021. She is a current PhD candidate with the University of Melbourne and is based at MCRI. When not at her desk, she is usually in her veggie garden or out walking the local nature trails.

Treasurer Sherri McRae

Sherri is the Treasurer for ECSSC 2021. She is a freshly minted graduate of the Master of Statistics program at RMIT and has a background in chemistry and academic textbook publishing. Outside of statistics, she loves snowboarding, dabbling in foreign languages, and horror movies.

Assistant Treasurer Fui Swen Kuh

Swen is the assistant treasurer for the ECSSC. She is currently a
PhD candidate at  ANU in Canberra.  When she’s not PhD-ing
she can be found looking up new recipes or out with her

Sponsorship Manager
 Luca Maestrini

Luca is the newly appointed Sponsorship Manager of the ECSSC Committee. He’s a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of Technology Sydney and a Research Fellow of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical frontiers (ACEMS). Luca is also a member of the Early Career Researchers Committee of ACEMS and a Council member of the New South Wales branch of SSA. His research interests include computational statistics and theory and methods of inference. During his never-enough spare time Luca enjoys cooking and gardening.

Co-Sponsorship Manager Catriona Croton

Catriona is our new Co-Sponsorship Manager. She is at the University of Southern Queensland, where she is a lecturer and contributes to the Statistical Consulting Unit. Before this, she was a veterinarian in Emergency and Critical Care, but is enjoying the recent career change and spending more time at home with her cats!

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