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Recorded events and webinars - publicly available


Getting to Know Stats New Zealand- Wendy Dobson, Tiana Whitehead

Why statisticians must have a tailored insurance program - KBI

Causal inference in Econometrics and Health Sciences- Associate Professor Margarita Moreno-Betancur and Dr Akanksha Negi


Enacting sovereign rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in official statistics and other data - Dr Kalinda Griffiths

Belz lecture -Dr Dina Neiger

Bad Statistics in Medical Research- Prof Adrian Barnett

Optimal Design of Comparative Experiments and the odw R Package-Brian Cullis

Evaluation of spatial Bayesian Empirical Likelihood models in analysis of small area data - Dr Farz

clusterBMA: Combine insights from multiple clustering algorithms with Bayesian model averaging- Owen Forbes

Recognising the value of research software - Tom Honeyman

Geostatistics for Regionalised Compositions- AProf Ute Mueller

The initial impact of the COVID-19, social distancing and movement restrictions on crime in NSW, Australia- Dr Joanna Wang

Non parametric and semi parametric models for analysing longitudinal data- Dr Kefei Chen

Managing uncertainty: statistics and econometrics as part of a multidisciplinary approach- Dr. Steph Stammel

Considering patient outcomes and healthcare costs when obtaining prediction model cutpoints may improve value-based care-  Rex Parsons

The UK Coronavirus Dashboard How we provide a daily, high demand service - Clare Griffiths

Mosaic single cell data integration-Shila Ghazanfar

Really Useful Engines Engineering Data Science - Miles McBain

Current state and prospects of R packages for the design of experiments - Emi Tanaka

Bayesian Analysis of Raman Spectroscopy -Matt Moores

From AI to Action-Michael Bewley

Presentation of Di Cook Award projects- Weihao (Patrick) Li, Jeffrey Pullin, Sayani Gupta

Elastic Registration of NMR spectra from patients with autism spectrum disorder-Michael Gerrard and Clustering wheat grain yield responses to develop new maturity types-Tinula Kariyawasam

On Arbitrarily Underdispersed Discrete Distributions -Dr Alan Huang

Research software engineers how will they shape statistics -Maëlle Salmon, Paula Andrea Martinez. Thomas Lumley , Nick Golding 

Elections…Trust Verify! - Damjan Vukcevic

COVID-19: Unexpected Opportunities and Lessons for Australia's Biostatistics, Bioinformatics and Epidemiological Community-Prof Adrian Esterman, Gideon Meyerowitz-Katz

Lancaster Lecture- A mixing path from theory to applications- Dr. Clara Grazian

A loss-based prior distribution on the number of components of mixture models.- Dr Clara Grazian

Linking Heterogeneous Human Cognition with Household Financial Stress in an Agent-Based Model: Livestock Vaccine Decision-Making Among the Global Poor.- Dr Richard A. Iles


Statistics in the public eye the case of predicting election outcome - Prof Simon Jackman

COVID-19 and turnover in the Australian labour market - Gabriela Nodari

Statistical Methodology Development and Software Dissemination - Prof. Matt Wand

E.A. Cornish Lecture - Rob Hyndman

Sieve bootstrap memory parameter in long-range dependent stationary functional time series- Prof. Hanlin Shang

When your research meets Covid A case study- Dr Nancy Briggs

Research in Engineering Statistics: Current Trends and Future Challenges-Dr Manuel Herrera
Dennis Trewin prize- Ali Shojaeipour, Xian Li

Peer-Review Seminar and Panel Discussion- Dr Myra McGuinness, Prof Kate Lee, Prof Andrew Forbes, Prof Alan Welsh

"A Unified Bayesian Model for Predicting Volleyball Games" -Prof. Ioannis Ntzoufras

Belz Lecture- Professor Andrew Forbes

September Industry Event 

Can a digital, geospatially enhanced data ecosystem incorporate Indigenous defined protocols, principles and approaches to achieve data democracy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples?- Darren Clinch

Biostatistics collaborations in Health and Social research: The road taken- Alberto Nettel-Aguirre

The Science of Survival in Game of Thrones - Reidar Lystad 

Carrots are good for vision, models are good for visualising discrete data - Gordana Popovic 

Consulting environments and their consequences - Alun Pope

Lancaster lecture: Bad statistics in health and medical research - Adrian Barnett

How to see the forest from the trees: Removing pesky artefacts from discrete data for better visualisation - Gordana Popovic

The statistical quandaries of an ecologist: Applied and theoretical statistics for conservation - David Wilkinson


Lancaster Lecture: Count on someone who can count - Thomas Fung

The new normal: distributional regression - Gillian Heller

Models and Uncertainty in the time of COVID-19 - Sally Cripps

Knibbs lecture: A personal tour with Prof. Raymond Carroll - Raymond Carroll

Just not cricket: How did sports science get stuck in the statistical outfield? - Stephen Woodcock

Belz Lecture: "To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved": a maxim for official statistics - Teresa Dickinson

The 2020 Statistical Science Lecture (SSL): Zen and the Art of Bayesian Geology/Hydrology/Ecology - Sally Cripps

Partners in Prevention: Understanding and Enhancing First Response to Suicide Crisis Situations - Carla Meurk, Megan Steele, Lisa Wittenhagen, Ed Heffernan

Modelling the Rate of Spread of Fire: A Stochastic Differentiation Equation Approach - Smaila Sanni

Early Career Industry Showcase - Michelle Lugton, Nick de Silva, Ben Phillips, Sarah Romanes, Peter Taylor, Rose Skandari

The Eye of the Beholder: Regression Coefficients & Mechanical Objectivity in Public Health Research - Taya Collyer

SSA Vic Branch Mentoring Evening 

Foreman Lecture: What is the difference and does it matter? Reflections on how the methodology work in Official Statistics relates among countries and on the Australian opportunities - Anders Holmberg

Sharpening the Blade: Missing Data Imputation using Supervised Machine Learning - Marcus Suresh, Warren Jin

How Statistics is used to help creating better justice system - A case study - Joanna Wang

Beyond Beamer: Modern and Dynamic Presentations with R Markdown - Emi Tanaka

Restructuring Categorical Predictors using L1-Norm Penalties - Application to Stillbirth Prediction - Emily Whitney

Sensor Networks and Distributed Intelligence - Rachel Cardell-Oliver

Leveraging Statistical Shapes in Genomics: Looking beyond what's normal - Jessica Mar

Raising Heretics: Teaching effective scepticism using data science - Linda McIver

Generalizations of Orthogonal Components in Analysis of Variance - Brenton Clarke

Panel discussion on COVID-19 - Raina MacIntyre, John Maindonald

Mighty Maps: Showcasing Estimate Uncertainty - Susanna Cramb, Lydia Lucchesi

Variable Selection for Decision-Making in Individualised Treatments - Howard Bondell

COVID-19: Modelling and Public Health Policy - Allen Cheng, Freya Shearer

Measuring Well-being - Dennis Trewin

Targeted Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Causal Inference in Observational Studies - Murthy Mittinty

Data Co-ops in Australia - Tom Verhelst

2016 - 2019

We all count: Strengthening Stats and Maths through diversity (Talks)

We all count: Strengthening Stats and Maths through diversity (Panel Discussion)

P-values: the good, the bad and the wrong - Ian Marschner

Belz Lecture: Statistics is the Crown Jewel of Data Science - Antony Ugoni

Stochastic modelling and Statistical Analysis of Cosmic Microwave background data - Ravindi Nanayakkara

Using Polygenic Risk Scores to Predict Risk of Disease: hype, hope and statistical reality - Cathryn Lewis

Presenting Uncertainty and Risk - John Henstridge

Foreman Lecture: Challenges in Balancing Data Confidentiality and Utility - Daniel Elazar

Multiple imputation in three-level data structures - Rushani Wijesuriya

Automated Technologies: Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis - Alexandra Bannach-Brown

Detecting Botnet Activity using Machine Learning - Jill Slay

Nonparametric estimation for streaming data - Mao Jiadong

Population Sampling: A Mixed Method Study - Matt Schneider

A Notion of Depth for Curve Data - Pierre Lafaye de Micheaux

Gender and cultural bias in student evaluations of teaching - Yanan Fan

Data science helping to create a better justice system - Suzanne Poynton, Joanna Wang

Time Series: A conference honouring Prof. William Dunsmuir 

Cancer maps: the future is here - Susanna Cramb

A recipe for quantifying the impact of prevention - Tony Blakely

Tutorial on Sequential Monte Carlo Methods - Anthony Lee

Lancaster lecture: "Expectations of Life: from past to present" - Kerrie Mengersen

The present and future of tidy data - Hadley Wickham

Latest developments in species distribution modelling - Ian Renner

Multimorbidity: Measurement for HRQoL and Health Service Use - Jeeva Kanesarajah

Reproducibility and Open Science - Fiona Fidler, Hannah Fraser, Matthew Ling

Statistics with industry: demonstrating impact - Shirley Coleman

Big data: does it have anything to do with me? - Xue Li

The journey of an errant statistician: using science to tackle social problems - Ross Homel

Human vs computer: when visualising data, who wins? - Di Cook

Optimisation in the darkness of uncertainty - Kate Smith-Miles

Biostats bonanza! - Valentijn de Jong, Jennifer Thompson, Simon White

The statistician as an expert: the truth, the whole truth, and statistics - John Henstridge

Credit scoring: improved predictions or improved interpretability? - Ed Stokes

Data and Decision-Making: Informative missingness, recommender systems, and personalised medicine - Howard Bondell

Towards massive-scale predictive modelling of infectious disease distributions - Nick Golding

An applied statistician in the 'omics era - Kim-Anh Le Cao

Women in Statistics and Mathematics: Repairing the Leaky Pipeline

Open data: unlocking Melbourne - Steve Bennett

But I'm a data scientist too, aren't I? - Louise Ryan

What does industry need from statisticians? (panel discussion)

A Bird's-Eye View of Statistics for Remote Sensing Data - Noel Cressie

Statistical evaluation of evidence in criminal casework - David Balding

Data Science: Will Computer Science and Informatics Eat our Lunch? - Thomas Lumley

VIC branch: 2017 Young Statisticians Showcase - Anurika De Silva, Dilini Talagala, Kelsey Grantham, Thiyanga Talagala

Statistical Issues in Randomized Breast Cancer Trials - Prue Francis

Probabilistic modelling and inference made easy - Bob Carpenter

Recent Advances in the area of deep learning for big data - Zhen He

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