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From the Official Statistics Section

6 Jun 2019 6:41 PM | Marie-Louise Rankin (Administrator)

Statistical Journal of the Assocation of Official Statistics - June preprint edition out

A Pre-press edition of the June issue of the SJIAOS has been released: see,

Kirsten West is retiring as editor after 5 years. Her closing editorial is at: . The incoming editor is Pieter Everaes

Measuring Indigenous Identification

The March Issue of JIAOS is dedicated to this topic; the editor-in-chief reminds readers of past contributions by the journal and the Association on improving statistics of indigenous people. Australian contributiuons to this effort are conspicuous, from then- editor Fritz Scheuren's 2014 editorial leading with an Australian paper "Measuring Indigenous Populations Across Nations: Challenges for Methodological Alignment",by Bradley Petry and Erica Potts, to the three papers in the March issue drawing on Australian experience.

Australian contributors to the topic since 2014 include Kalinda Griffiths, UNSW; Richard Madden and Clare Coleman at the University of Sydney; Ching Choi and Len Smith, Australian National University; Ian Ring Elias, Brenda Lee, Vanessa’ Smylie, Janet Waldon, John Hodge, Felicia Schanche; University of Queensland; and Maggie Walter University of Tasmania. That Australian experience has been prominent in the international debate reflects a foundation in long collaboration between key ABS officers and academic demographers in the enumeration of the indigenous population, against the grain of national collection strategies of the time.


The March Open Access issue of the SJIAOS

In particular, its guest editorial by Michele Connolly:

Anderson, I, Robson B, Connolly M, Al-Yaman F, et al., “Indigenous and tribal peoples’ health” (the Lancet-Lowitja Institute Global Collaboration), Lancet, London, England. 2016: 388(10040):131–57.

Stephen Horn, Chair Official Statistics Section 

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