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From the Official Statistics Section

6 Jun 2019 7:47 PM | Marie-Louise Rankin (Administrator)

The Official Statistics Section is pleased to forward the following message from the IAOS:

The IAOS is pleased to announce the composition of its new Executive Committee (EXCO) for the period 2019-2021. In the statement below from Mr Mario Palma, IAOS President (2017-2019), you will find the full report.  

The term of the new EXCO will begin at the IAOS General Assembly, to be held at the ISI World Statistics Congress in Kuala Lumpur, 18 -23 August 2019. The current President-Elect Dr John Pullinger will take over as President and will form the new EXCO together with the selected candidates.

We wish John Pullinger and his team a very successful tenure.

Warm regards,

IAOS Executive Committee


Dear IAOS members,

I have great pleasure in sharing with you the final composition of the new IAOS Executive Committee for 2019-2021.

Following the IAOS Statutes, the 2018 Nominating Committee, in charge of selecting the candidates for posts of President-elect and four EXCO members, having one candidate for each position and taking into account a proper regional representation and gender balance as much as possible, has come up with the following list: 

Members of the EXCO:

1. President: Mr. John Pullinger (UK);

2. President-elect: Mr. Misha Belkindas (USA);

3. Member: Dr. Mohd Uzir Mahidin (Asia, second term);

4. Member: Mr. Peter Popoola (Africa, first term);

5. Member: Ms. Hasnae Fdhil (Arab Region, second term);

6. Member: Ms. Gemma Van Halderen (Oceania, second term, EXCO lead on 2022 Conference).

7. Member (ex-officio): Ms. Ada Van Krimpen (Director of the Permanent Office of the ISI).

Co-opted Members:

1. Mr. Rolando Ocampo Alcantar (Latin America and the Caribbean);

2. Mr. Jan Robert Suesser (Europe, IAOS representative to the ISI WSC);

3. Ms. Ayush Ariunzaya (Conference Advisor for the IAOS 2020 Conference in Zambia).


Special Invitees:

1. Dr. Kirsten West (Editor in Chief, SJIAOS, until August 2019);

2. Mr. Pieter Everaers (Editor in Chief, SJIAOS, from August 2019);

3. Ms. Teodora Brandmueller (SCORUS Chair);

4. Ms. Nancy McBeth (Special Advisor to the President);

5. Mr. Ronald Jansen (UNSD);

6. Mr. Oliver Chinganya (Programme Chair of the IAOS 2020 Conference in Zambia);

7. Mr. Kees Zeelenberg (Former Programme Chair of the IAOS-OECD 2018 Conference in Paris).


I would like to thank the Nominating Committee members for their work and wish the new EXCO for 2019-2021 the best of luck and success.

Mario Palma

IAOS President 2017-2019

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